The 3rd Annual Skacademy Awards feat. The Toasters & Half Past Two

Award season is almost here and not in the way you may be thinking. This year’s award season is all about things checkered and rude. The 3rd Annual Skacademy Awards is our latest venture into spreading the love of the genre. We’re sending out our two tone army across the west coast and a little bit of Vegas featuring ska legends The Toasters and Half Past Two (which I’m in so you can imagine my excitement). We’ve expanded on last year’s voting to include bands from across the country,  to pick your favorite ska show, and a tour-wide voting for “Best Live Act”, “Most Upstrokes”, and “Horniest Horn Section” and People’s Choice Awards for “Most Checkered” and “Biggest Ska Nerd”. Ska Brewing has lovingly agreed to sponsor this event and will be providing all kinds of rad Ska Brewing swag as well as very cool custom made trophies so make sure to come over to the Pocket Entertainment booth to say hi and pick up some Ska Brewing and Pocket Entertainment merch (no the trophies are not for sale). 

Pocket: "If you are nominated for a category, which one would mean the most for you to win"

Evan Wohrman (Hooray for Our Side): "Lifetime Achievement Award, but like 40 years from now"

While all these things are really awesome to see happening it’s crazy to think back to how it was before and what went into making the event happen. It was early February 2016 and we had planned on doing a Skalentine’s Day Show at Out of the Park Pizza, we had the lineup ready: Comrade Cat, Karate in the Garage, and Skapeche Mode and basically everything set to go for the show. It was Oscar season and there were a lot of heated contenders for best picture including The Revenant, Spotlight, and Mad Max. As whitney and I got more into watching so many “Oscar Contenders” the connection was finally made and I realized what had to be done. 

We completely scrapped the skalentines day idea and put together the first and only ska themed award show in 3 weeks. We created a voting system for over 25 categories including for people’s Choice “Best Skanker” “Best Hair” (Including beards), and “Ska Band MVP”, and for the bands there were “Most Talkative Singer”, “Best Covers”, “Best Not Ska Band”, and my personal favorite “Loudest”. We set out to get “skalebrity guests” to give out awards and got some local favorites. Sidenote: I tried to reach out to Bucket from Toasters to give out awards. I knew that they were playing the same night as our show in LA, it was a long shot but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. He obviously didn’t get back to me but funny how they’re headlining our tour now haha.  We got our red carpet and some velvet rope, we spent hours decorating the patio of a pizza place, we were so rushed for time we were still putting together the award envelopes as it had already started. The event was a success in that people came away from it entertainment and amused, but it’s funny to note just how janky the original one was. We were running the show through a tiny 6 Channel Mixer, none of the patio lights were working, and had old crummy mics, but despite all the factors that would make the event doomed to be a disaster we somehow managed to pull it off.  We also got several sponsors to donate prizes for a raffle to raise funds for the OC Humane Society so all in all we felt very accomplished and excited to do it again the next year. 

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Pocket: "If you can add any new category, what would it be?" 

Richard Lamas (Rundown Kreeps): "I'd have to pick 'Best Two Word Named Band with the First Word Beginning with R and Second with K', I think there may be a potential demographic in that area"

After the success of the first year Whitney and I created Pocket Entertainment and continued to put on shows throughout the year leading up to the 2nd Annual Skacademy Awards. It was nice to have time to actually put things together, a lot more than 3 weeks at least lol. We knew we wanted to expand the event so what was once a 1 night show with 3 bands turned into a 2 day show with 13 bands including GOGO13 and Monkey. We partnered with Ska Brewing again, and got more press from OC Weekly and were even included in OC Weekly’s “Stories that Defined OC’s Music Scene in 2017”. We transformed the patio at Out of the Park Pizza into a star studded event, including the red carpet, velvet rope, tons of lights, and all the gold and black decorations. 2017s event was filled with hilarious moments including a cross dressing drummer, the world’s greatest inflatable sax player, and a live onstage drinking contest. It also included a compilation CD of bands performing and winners with all proceeds to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Needless to say we were exhausted and had no plans of doing anything for days after. 

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OC Weekly Stories That Defined OCs Music Scene 2017: 

Pocket: "What's been your experience playing in the Skacademy Awards?"

Bill Adams (Codename: Rocky): "This will be our 3rd time participating in the Skacademy Awards. The first year I was a presenter and nominee. The second year Codename: Rocky took home 3 OSKARS: Best Single, Best Full Length & Best Album Artwork. This year I will be playing two nights of the tour. Wednesday the 24th at Slidebar, Fullerton and Friday the 26th at The Viper Room, Hollywood."


This year we’ve expanded the 2 day localized event to a 6 day tour including San Diego, Fullerton, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Fresno, and Berkeley with ska pioneers The Toasters and my band Half Past Two. We can’t wait to go on tour tomorrow and spread the ska love. Come out and skank the vote! 

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